Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Works

Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Works

Main breakwater construction of the Aberdeen Harbour 

PROES and Robert West JV continue their participation in the Aberdeen Harbour Expansion in Nigg Bay.


After designing the caissons (geotechnical stability, structure, reinforcement and towage) which will comprise more than half of the berth line inside the harbour, we are carrying several design checks of other marine elements such as the north breakwater. This breakwater is comprised of a core, filter and 20 tons accropode units as the armour layer (see photo). The breakwater will be constructed in several stages with different loading requirements until its final geometry is finished.  The different loading requirements for the temporary geometry is being closely discussed with the Contractor, DRAGADOS, who act as the main contractor for the works.


We look forward to continuing to assist our Client through the next stage where each of the 22 caissons will be towed through the Atlantic and the North Sea, from Galicia to Aberdeen Harbour!

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