Author at Robert West

Author at Robert West

The Didactic Manual for Structural Design I and II by Hector Zorita

Hector’s story

As someone with a great passion for structural design, Hector began writing his books in the summer after completing his University studies and before starting his first job.  His initial driver was to improve his University notes to keep his brain working. 

When Hector started his first job, he felt even more engaged with structural design. He found it amazing to see how every single concept he had learnt during his studies had an application in real life.  He found himself learning every day and this encouraged him to carry on with his notes which after two or three years became a book.  Each time he learnt something new he went back to the book and made the relevant section bigger.  In the end, the book has been published in two parts: The Didactic Manual for Structural Design I and II. Both books were published in 2015.

Sharing knowledge

Inspired by helping new graduate joiners to undertaking designs Hector, Associate Technical Director, set about translating sections of the books he has written into English to share more widely with the team.  He also developed spreadsheets and analysis libraries to assist our engineers to undertake calculations by hand first so that they can visualise what will happen in advance.  This can then be refined in a model with different data.

Hector enjoys his hobby keeping his brain active and is now writing another book about engineering in concrete. 



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