Bristol University Mentor Scheme

Bristol University Mentor Scheme

Farhaan & Richard (L-R)

Director, Richard Lawrence, is sharing his professional knowledge, skills and experience by supporting the Bristol University Mentor Scheme.

This involves working with a student mentee for a year, helping them to set and achieve career goals, become aware of wider career opportunities and broaden their professional network.

Farhaan, a third year engineering undergraduate, recently attended the Robert West office for a mock interview and to spend time gathering a broader understanding of engineering.

"Mentor Richard Lawrence has supported me every step of the way in exploring the dream career that I wish to pursue with my future degree.  His great desire in sharing the knowledge he has gained over many years has given me a strong foundation in continuously improving the UK's rail network as a future engineer.  I feel I have been able to develop many real-world engineering skills with Richard and he has given me the confidence that I can make my dream career a reality.  His down-to-earth and friendly approach makes him an ideal mentor.  I will always keep in contact with him even after the programme!" Farhaan fed back.

  • Committed
  • Engaging
  • Professional
  • Confident
  • Adaptable

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