CHEEF Intertidal Terraces Trial

CHEEF Intertidal Terraces Trial

Temporary Intertidal Terrace Frame

As part of the Thames Tideway Tunnel scheme, a trial will be undertaken at the Chelsea Embankment Foreshore site to monitor and evaluate the plant species that have been proposed to be installed in the intertidal terraces zone of the CHEEF permanent works. FLOJV have proposed to undertake a trial within the River Thames for a period of two years.

To facilitate the trial, Robert West Consulting have designed a temporary structure which forms a plant box system This structure will be located at the same level and as close as possible to the position where there the permanent intertidal terraces zone will be located (on the North bank of the River Thames). 

The temporary structure is formed of four no. HZ steel piles and three no. steel trusses supporting two levels of terrace planting modules and an intermediate walkway for access and inspection. The two levels of terraces are both formed of nine individual plant modules, which are each formed of timber frames.

The design has been detailed to minimise working times within the tidal environment – the connection between the piles and the main steel superstructure is composed of a hat type detail, which minimises the need for any site welded or bolted connections within the tidal environment. The steel frame shall be lifted and dropped into place as a single unit – with four in-situ welds between the superstructure and the hat type detail. Thereby minimising the time spent working in the tidal environment. This solution shall also simplify the removal of the structure from the River Thames, once the trial period has been completed.

It’s amazing to see the detail which goes into each part of the Thames Tideway Tunnel scheme and how they aim to improve life for Londoners both practically and visually.

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