Charing Cross Station Update

Charing Cross Station Update

Robert West Consulting have been continuing their work at Charing Cross Station following on from their design of a temporary platform support system for Volker Fitzpatrick, installed in 2014. This temporary system was designed to re-support the existing platform, relieving the load currently sitting on a corroding bridge deck beneath.

Following on from this Robert West have been employed by main contractor Costain to design a new bespoke permanent steel platform structure and GRP protection deck. The function of the platform structure is twofold: To support a new compliant replacement platform directly onto the bridge members below (bypassing the corroding deck) and strengthen the supporting historical bridge structure, replacing the capacity lost due to the corroding decking.

Robert West were employed due to their intrinsic knowledge of the existing structure and have been working closely with Costain to deliver the optimum solution. Due to the very small construction window available, emphasis has been put on buildability with the number of site operations kept to a minimum. The design is currently at Form 003 stage and construction is anticipated this year

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