Premier Business Park appoints Robert West

Premier Business Park appoints Robert West

Stockley Park

Robert West is delighted to join forces with the Stockley Park Estates Management Company, easit and Bluebridge Communications to provide Travel Plan Coordination to Stockley Park.

Stockley Park enjoys a reputation as being one of Europe’s premier business parks, occupying 150 acres with 22 iconic buildings that provide high quality office space. With over 6,500 personnel, industry leading national and international corporations situated on the Park enjoy a full range of staff health and wellness events alongside first-class amenities including restaurants, coffee shops, bars, shopping, health club, golf course and Country Park.

Our services include conducting annual staff travel and business satisfaction surveys to promote sustainable transport and assist with political lobbying to improve the park's exposure and image. We also undertake a travel plan co-ordination and technical advisory role for the Park in relation to transport and planning matters, including assessing parking demand and localised congestion. We provide support in relation to the delivery of sustainable transport initiatives, co-ordinate closely with delivery partners and external stakeholders including the London Borough of Hillingdon and provide representation at the Heathrow Airport Transport Forum and Heathrow Travel Behaviours and Cycling Group.

Our support complements a bespoke emerging transport strategy to employees and businesses including demand responsive shuttle bus services, an innovative car-pooling scheme with company vehicle hosting, and a buddy scheme to promote walking, cycling and use of public transport. Other initiatives will allow for a loan bike scheme, taxi sharing, discounted bicycles and bike hire, electric bikes and vehicle discounts, and public transport discounts.

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