Seismic design of marine structures

Seismic design of marine structures

Deflection v Time

Robert West are pleased to announce that, recently promoted, Hector Zorita has been invited to join the Spanish branch of Permanent International of Navigational Congresses (PIANC)’s newly formed working group to investigate seismic design of marine structures.

Design of marine structures for seismic activity is a leading-edge piece of research.  It will involve the investigation of other existing International Codes, collecting other companies experiences of designing marine structures in seismic zones, going deeper into new technologies (dampers, base isolators…) and methodology (Performance-Based Design).

The goal is to prepare a final document with guidelines to help engineers design marine structures in seismic zones and to have a base document for the future Spanish Guidelines for Port Structures.

Hector said “I am thrilled to have been invited to join this group and excited to get working on the research”.

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