Support Continues on World's Largest Rail Advertising Contract

Support Continues on World

Robert West have been retained to support Exterion Media for the new £1bn TfL advertising partnership.

The engineering services role follows many years of support to Exterion Media in upgrading and managing their advertising assets on the London Underground network.

The role includes advice to the Exterion Media delivery team, assurance strategy, liaison with TfL engineers, principal inspections of existing assets and design of new advertising locations which form part of the programme upgrade works.

The programme of works has started with the roll-out of the new digital cross-track projectors and our engineers are part of a collaborative effort to prepare the infrastructure for the newly designed projectors.

Principal Engineer and project leader, Sailesh Varsani said, "It's great to be part of the Exterion team delivering this, and be working on something so prominent through the London Underground network".

The work we are doing draws upon nearly two decades of experience inspecting, assessing and designing in the London Underground environment.  "We love supporting Exterion Media; they tend to appreciate our advice and knowledge of the TfL enviironment.  That appreciation certainly brings job satisfaction to what we do" said the project director, Richard Lawrence.

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