The Hold

The Hold

The Hold © Pringle Richards Sharratt Architects

Robert West were delighted to support Suffolk County Council in securing planning permission for The Hold, to be located on the campus of the University of Suffolk in Ipswich.

The Hold, a partnership between Suffolk County Council and the University of Suffolk, will be a new flagship heritage facility and reshaped Record Office that will house the bulk of Suffolk's nationally and internationally significant archives.  The Hold will offer expanded and flexible facilities in a new location in Ipswich with the aim of attracting more visitors, including University students, to engage with the heritage of Suffolk.  The project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The challenges overcome in the project included appraising the transport impacts of a bespoke development, considering the travel demands of a variety of site users, and simultaneously addressing the development impacts associated with loss of parking and projected increase in visitor numbers.

Robert West assessed demand for travel from the new facility, considering existing users, projected future users, their origins, and likely travel modes. Research on visitor numbers and lengths of stay at a comparable facility was undertaken. We provided input into the carbon footprint assessment for the development, using data on travel behaviour and travel origins of existing visitors to the Record Office.

We worked closely with Suffolk County Council to develop a Travel Plan that seeks to address the barriers keeping employees, visitors and other relevant parties from using sustainable modes. The Travel Plan seeks self-management of single-occupancy vehicle use and ensure those who must drive are aware of locations where car parking is available.


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