Marine Engineering 

The origins of Robert West lie in marine engineering and this continues to form part of our core services.

We have experience in commercial and leisure facilities including pontoons and floating berths. We can advise on the design of marine structures, locks and impounding systems, dredging, breakwaters, caissons, port infrastructure and pavements, wharf facilities, river walls and temporary works. We provide services to port and marina operators and to contractors through ECI or Design and Build contracts. We can assist with obtaining planning permission, MMO and HO consents and related approvals from relevant authorities as well as providing tender documentation and contracts for contractors.


Thames Tideway Blackfriars Bridge Foreshore Temporary Western Cofferdam

Flo JV appointed BAM Nuttall Ltd (BAMN) to design and construct a Temporary Cofferdam at the Thames Tideway Blackfriars bridge Foreshore Site. BAMN appointed Robert West Consulting with Byland Engineering Ltd. operating as geotechnical advisor, to complete the outline and detailed design of the Temporary Cofferdam Structure.

The Temporary Cofferdam is required to enable the construction of the permanent works proposed at the Thames Tideway Blackfriars Foreshore Site. The permanent works consist of the construction of a tunnel shaft, outfall chamber, culverts and new river wall, in order to intercept flow from the existing Fleet Main Sewer CSO located in the Victoria Embankment river wall. The brief for the required functionality of the Temporary Cofferdam, included: 

  • retain reclaimed land south of the existing river wall to enable construction of the permanent works;
  • retain river water to enable construction of the permanent works;
  • provide a berth for construction barges during construction of the permanent works;
  • act as a working platform for construction plant traffic over the cofferdam;
  • provide temporary flood defence at a minimum level of 105.5mATD;

The Temporary Works solution developed by Robert West comprised a twin walled back to back tied temporary steel piled cofferdam infilled with dredged sand, to be located within the River Thames. Robert West engineers also proposed bespoke structures to seal the cofferdam against the existing Victoria Embankment river wall.

Our services included civil, structural and geotechnical design for the Temporary Works, as well as the definition of all nautical equipment required for the operation of the cofferdam (bollards, fenders, access ladders etc.). 

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