Digital Escalator Panel Refresh

The Brief

As part of the London Underground Digital Escalator Panel (DEP) Refresh project, Exterion Media are upgrading the current digital advertising panels with new, more energy efficient digital monitors and installing brand new continuous digital ‘Ribbon’ screens. These new screens run along the existing escalator incline at 25 different stations across the London Underground (LU) infrastructure. Our brief was to provide full design and assurance to LU process and requirements services for the Civils, Structural and Premises elements of the project from feasibility through detailed design and construction support.

Value-Added Solution

During the early stages of each workstream (DEP or Ribbon), we worked closely with Telent to come up with the most effective solution for the structural support designs for the screens. Robert West  advised to carry out assessments of the existing DEP supporting structures to determine whether they could withstand the new DEP product design loadings. This approach meant that excess installation time and project costs from designing (and installing) brand new supports was avoided on an already constrained project programme.

Final Outcomes

Most of the designs have now been approved and the DEPs and Ribbons are currently being installed at all 25 underground station sites across London. We developed a good relationship with Telent, Exterion Media, and London Underground through our high quality and timely deliverables.

Image copyright: Exterion Media Design Studio

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