Exchange Shopping Centre

The Brief

To provide transport planning advice for the proposal to demolish and redevelop numbers 96 – 98 Putney High Street, London SW15 1RB.

Value-Added Solution

Robert West played an integral role in supporting the planning application for the redevelopment of numbers 96 – 98 Putney High Street. Two standalone units were rebuilt as an extension of the Exchange Shopping Centre. The extension accommodated a new H&M retail store. An extension of a rooftop car park was proposed to cater for the increase of vehicle trips. Through use of data provided by the Shopping Centre, Robert West demonstrated that the net increase in trips arising from the development would be negligible and primarily arising from linked trips made by persons already travelling to the Shopping Centre.

A Transport Statement was submitted to outline characteristics of both the existing uses and proposed development, identify the net increase in trip generation expected to occur as a result of the increase in floor space and the implications of the proposed development for the local transport networks.

Final Outcomes

Robert West prepared a Transport Statement to support the planning application and a Travel Plan to discharge Section 106 obligations, once planning permission was granted.


Workman LLP

End Client

BNPPSSTC Ltd and BNPPSSTC (Jersey) Ltd
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