Rabbsfarm Primary School

The Brief

To provide transport planning advice in relation to the proposals for the redevelopment and expansion of Rabbsfarm Primary School.

Value-Added Solution

Robert West played an integral role in the development of transport planning solutions for the expansion of Rabbsfarm Primary School. Through the development an additional 210 pupils would attend the School. An off-site car parking facility for use by parents in the morning and afternoon was proposed with an associated management plan to accommodate increased demand. The use of the car parking facility would result in pupils crossing a busy road. To support the parking proposal it was suggested that a nearby uncontrolled crossing facility was upgraded to a zebra crossing. 

Final Outcomes

The planning application was supported by a Transport Assessment and Travel Plan written by Robert West, which included preliminary designs for the car park and zebra crossing. Planning permission was subsequently granted and the development was built.

“It’s great to work on projects where we can provide a full breadth of our service to the client; I think they have liked the holistic approach we offer" commented Ann-Marie Illes, Director.


Mace Group Limited

End Client

London Borough of Hillingdon
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