The Hold

The Brief

Robert West were appointed by Suffolk County Council to produce a comprehensive Travel Plan and Transport Statement to support the planning application for a unique type of development, The Hold (Heritage Centre), to be placed at the current main car park of University of Suffolk (UoS) North Campus, Ipswich.

Value-Added Solution

Robert West played an integral role in the development of transport planning solutions by putting in place necessary management tools to enable future Campus users to make more informed decisions about their travel, which at the same time minimises the adverse impacts of their travel on the environment. This was achieved by setting out a strategy to eliminate the barriers keeping employees, customers and other relevant parties from using sustainable modes which in effect can self-manage single-occupancy vehicle use. This strategy involved carbon footprint calculations, that were undertaken to predict the existing and proposed trip mode share, as well as a parking capacity survey of the surrounding car parks to the site.  

Final Outcomes

The planning application was supported by a comprehensive Travel Plan and Transport Statement written by Robert West, which targeted all relevant parties associated with UoS and the Hold. Additional preliminary drawings were prepared by Robert West, showing the delivery and servicing arrangements at the site.


Image copyright Pringle Richards Sharratt Architects

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