New cruise berth at Portland Port


In August 2021 Portland Port invited tenders for the design and build of a berth to accept cruise liners up to the size of the Queen Mary 2 (150,000 GT). The berth is required to be available by May 2023 and delivered to comply with the various consents secured by the Port and within a challenging budget.

Robert West was appointed by Charles Brand to work collaboratively to develop a design and construction approach able to deliver the project within the demanding programme and budget. A tender period of 14 weeks was allowed, and access was provided to a data room containing substantial amounts of existing Site Information.


The Works primarily consisted of the construction of 460 linear metres quay wall with a 260m berth dredged to -12m CD; a capping beam and floating fenders; 200,000 m³ of filling behind the wall to reclaim a new working area; and miscellaneous refurbishment and strengthening of existing bollards and dolphins.

Several structural forms were investigated and a monopile wall tied to an anchor wall was chosen as the most appropriate design solution to achieve the programme and cost constraints. RWC undertook a sensitivity analysis of the geotechnical parameters for the underlying ground and potential parameters for various sources of fill. Key design consideration were the size and production rate of the piling plant with the chosen design; the potential use of the dredge arisings; the availability of sea and land won reclamation materials; and the method of placing fill and required compaction to reduce overall settlement.


The tender design, Priced Activity schedule for the Compliant design, Alternative design options and supporting information were delivered on time. The Employer evaluated all offers and subsequently decided that the project would proceed using a self-perform procurement route. Charles Brand received positive feedback on the proposal which was recognised as compliant and competitive.