Renewable Engineering Solutions by Robert West

At Robert West, our multidisciplinary teams of marine, civil, and infrastructure engineers, supported by our specialist partners in Proes and OSL, bring a wealth of experience to delivering renewable projects. With a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges inherent in renewables projects, we deliver practical and buildable solutions while effectively managing risks.

Our services

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of renewable projects, our services include:

•  Offshore Wind: Engineering advice for the design and checking of fixed and floating turbine structures, including mooring systems.
•  Landfalls: Marine and civil engineering services for cable landfalls and associated infrastructure works.
•  Hydrogen and Ammonia: Marine import and onshore facilities for transport and processing of ammonia and onshore facilities for hydrogen production.
•  Carbon Dioxide Capture: Marine terminals for import and export of CO2.
•  Crew and Maintenance Facilities: Engineering design for floating and fixed Crew Transfer and maintenance facilities.
•  Port Construction and Assembly Facilities: Marine engineering design and assessment for deepwater quays, heavy-duty pavements, and lifting facilities for construction and assembly of fixed and floating jackets turbines.
nning and wave analysis.

Our approach

Focused on delivering exceptional outcomes, our approach involves:

•  Understanding: We seek to understand our client’s business and functional needs for every project and continuously focus on selecting the right engineering solution balancing innovation, risk, and cost to deliver the best value.
•  Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration with clients and contractors to develop exceptional engineering solutions.
•  Team Working: Our dedication to fostering strong working relationships ensures that every design decision contributes to project success.
•  Managing Project Risk: Our team continuously focuses on method and program working with Clients and Contractors to analyse, understand, and mitigate program and cost risk.
and cost risks.

Why Choose Robert West

By choosing Robert West, you benefit from:

•  Expertise: Our team’s deep understanding of renewables projects ensures effective navigation of complex project environments.
•  Holistic Approach: Our integrated approach covers planning, design, and execution for seamless project delivery.
•  Commitment to Excellence: Our track record demonstrates our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality results.
•  Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: We strive to minimize costs while ensuring optimal functionality and safety.
•  Proven Success: Our portfolio of completed projects speaks to our ability to deliver results in demanding project settings.