Infrastructure Solutions by Robert West

At Robert West, our expert team of infrastructure engineers and transport planners, supported by civil and structural engineers, brings extensive experience to infrastructure, highway, and development projects. We deliver practical solutions while effectively managing risks.

Our services

Tailored to meet the unique needs of infrastructure projects, our services include:

•  Pre-Acquisition Advice: Providing engineering advice and appraisal for development appraisals, including flood risk, access, contamination, and civil engineering structures.
•  Transport Assessments and Flood Risk: Offering transport assessments and flood risk advice to support planning applications.
•  Strategic Highways/Drainage: Designing strategic highway and drainage infrastructure for major projects or housing developments, including Technical Approval submissions.
•  Junction Capacity and Design: Providing capacity, layout, and Technical Approvals for all types of highway junctions.
•  Earthworks and Drainage Strategy: Modelling earthworks to minimize offsite disposal and developing drainage strategies, including attenuation ponds and swales.
•  Site Infrastructure and Consents: Designing site infrastructure for housing development and Technical Approval submissions for discharge of Reserved Matters and Section Agreements.
•  SUDS: Designing SUDS schemes and submission for maintenance and/or adoption.
•  Highway, Marine, and Railway Structures: Providing engineering advice, design, and consents for sites with adjacent marine or railway infrastructure.

Our approach

Our approach is centred on client satisfaction and project success:

•  Understanding: Prioritizing client needs and selecting the right engineering solution balancing innovation, risk, and cost.
•  Collaboration: Believing in the power of collaboration with clients and contractors to develop exceptional solutions.
•  Team Working: Fostering strong working relationships to ensure every decision contributes to project success.
•  Managing Project Risk: Continuously focusing on method and program to analyze, understand, and mitigate program and cost risks.

Why Choose Robert West

By choosing Robert West, you benefit from:

•  Expertise: • Expertise: Deep understanding of infrastructure engineering ensures effective navigation of complex projects.
•  Holistic Approach: Integrated services cover planning, design, and execution seamlessly.
•  Commitment to Excellence: Demonstrated track record of delivering high-quality results.
•  Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Minimizing costs while ensuring optimal functionality and safety.
•  Proven Success: Portfolio of completed projects showcases ability to deliver results in demanding infrastructure settings.