Marine Engineering Solutions by Robert West

At Robert West, we specialise in delivering practical marine and river engineering solutions with a focus on effective risk management.

Our services

We offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of marine projects:

•  Scheme Development and Consents: Advising and preparing applications for marine licensing and DCOs.
•  Early Contractor Involvement: Engaging contractors early to optimize project outcomes.
•  Coastal, Dredging, and Reclamation: Providing sustainable solutions for coastal structures and dredging operations.
•  Jetties, Quays, and Wharves: Designing petrochemical terminals and deep quay walls.
•  Floating Berths: Offering stability analysis and design for floating structures.
•  Port Infrastructure and Pavements: Designing port infrastructure, tank farms, and pavements.
•  Temporary Works and CAT 3 Checking: Designing complex temporary works and acting as CAT 3 checker.
•  Multidisciplinary Design: Offering comprehensive design services covering port planning and wave analysis.

Our approach

Our approach is centred on client satisfaction and project success:

•  Understanding: Prioritizing client needs for innovative yet cost-effective solutions.
•  Collaboration: Working closely with clients and contractors to achieve exceptional outcomes.
•  Team Working: Building strong relationships to ensure every decision contributes to project success.
•  Managing Project Risk: Continuously mitigating program and cost risks.

Why Choose Robert West

By choosing Robert West, you benefit from:

•  Expertise: Deep understanding of marine engineering ensures effective project navigation.
•  Holistic Approach: Integrated services cover planning, design, and execution seamlessly.
•  Commitment to Excellence: Demonstrated track record of delivering high-quality solutions.
•  Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Minimizing costs while ensuring optimal functionality and safety.
•  Proven Success: Delivering results in demanding marine settings.