Acorn Project


Project Acorn will receive and treat captured carbon dioxide recovered from industrial activity around the North Sea and pump it into depleted undersea gas fields. The CO2 will be delivered by ship using and existing jetty previously used for import of LNG for the now dis-used gas power station. RWC were engaged by Genesis to undertake an engineering assessment of an existing jetty head and dolphins and the approach trestle and pipe track. A condition survey and as made drawings were provided on which the assessment was based.


RWC undertook an assessment of the wave climate at the berth; undertook berthing and mooring analysis; and verified movements for the MLA interface to assess operational limits and outages for the berth. A detailed engineering assessment was made for all structures considering the current condition and weakness identified. A 3D SAP model was prepared to fully analyse member forces under all load cases.

The assessment identified the refurbishment work required to provide the required design life. RWC prepared a method statement for execution of the refurbishment and prepared a construction programme and cost estimate (fully reflecting method costs) for implementing the Works.


RWC was able to clearly identify the required refurbishment and prepare a detailed cost estimate and programme together with the future maintenance regime for inclusion in the business case for funding. Consideration was given to various methods of passive and active cathodic protection to extend the life of the structure