Sener Studies on Wind Farm facilities


Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) is developing the East Anglia Hub (EAH) set of wind farms in the North Sea, as part of the round 3 area where the wind farm East Anglia One (EA1) sits.

In May 2021 Sener was asked by Scottish Power to carry out an assessment of the Port Services required for the EAH project.

This study was carried out to provide input into EAH’s strategy for selecting, negotiating, and securing ports for Construction Monitoring and Management and for Operations and Maintenance.

Sener awarded a sub-consultancy to Robert West to assist them with this assessment, providing local knowledge of the candidate ports.


In Stage 1, SPR functional requirements were defined to quantify both the number of visits Service Operational Vessels (SOV) needed to make each month and the daily requirements for Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV), catamarans typically used in the Offshore Wind industry.

In Stage 2, RWC provided input into the assessment of several candidate ports measured against the functional requirements of SPR. A short list of three ports was drawn up.

In Stage 3, a more detailed analysis was made of the facilities available within Harwich, Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth.
Harwich informed us that they did not wish to pursue the opportunity further due to other business plans and space allocation within their harbour.


RWC provided input into the final report submitted by Sener to SPR, recommending them to continue negotiations with both Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth.

It is understood that SPR intend to use the facilities in both ports to service the EAH Project in the future.