Shadwell Eastern Entrance


A coordinated design of the new eastern entrance and exit to Shadwell Station, located between Bank, Tower Gateway Stations and Limehouse Station. Access and egress from the station took place from the western end of the station, via the formal entrance on Watney Street. A staircase and lift provide access from street level to platform level above. The eastern new exit and entrance is located in Shadwell Place, a pedestrian way, off Sutton Street and was designated as an emergency exit.  The brief specified items to be retained, removed and modified, including retention of the existing staircase and support structure. 


The team designed all of the specified works in accordance with the brief that included balustrades, the stair enclosure, a high level bowstring frame, goal post supports, and signage. The bowstring frame was located at the high level archway entrance to the station, with glazing to cover the top half of the archway, to match the western entrance. It was suggested that the frame be “top-hung” off the archway, with tapered fins designed to act in tension, supporting the self-weight of the frame and proposed signage.

Intermediate column supports were also considered for the stainless-steel archway frame to high level archway entrance. The chosen “top-hung” approach was selected to match the existing western entrance.  Since the entrance need not be lockable, a top hung system is thought to result in material savings since ‘crowd loading’ need not be considered.

A construction methodology was developed, with a phase of works in engineering hours, thus restricting the extent of hoarding required.  


Assurance Acceptance in Principle was granted for the premises (architectural design) works proposed.