Kirtling street temporary works


Flo JV appointed BAM Nuttall Ltd (BNL) to design and construct the marine side temporary works required for the construction of the Thames Tideway Tunnel at the Kirtling Street site. BNL appointed Robert West Consulting to design the temporary works.

The temporary works consist of delivery and removal facilities to allow for the delivery of the tunnel boring machine and tunnel segments and removal of spoil from the tunnel bore and shaft. All spoil will be exported by barge along the river to reduce the number of heavy goods vehicles on the roads.

The temporary works solution developed by the BNL/RWC team comprised drilled and socketed tubular piles, prefabricated steel superstructure, and pre-cast concrete deck. Additionally, support structures for a fixed conveyor with pivot arm and berthing structures for barges were designed.

Our services included civil, structural and geotechnical design for the Temporary Works as well as the definition of all components required for the construction of the temporary works (piles, steel structure, pre-cast concrete deck)


To comply with regulatory requirements for the removal of temporary works, BNL/RWC implemented a socketed pile solution for easy extraction of 1250 diameter tubular steel piles. Additionally, pre-fabricated steel superstructure sections were assembled off-site and bolted together on-site, minimizing welding, enhancing site safety during construction, and simplifying the subsequent dismantling process. This strategic approach adds value by ensuring efficient and straightforward removal of temporary works upon project completion.


Fran Quesada from Tideway Central said «The innovative design produced by BAM and Robert West removed all site welding and bolting operations resulting in a fast installation sequence and safe methods of working with all over water operations eliminated.  We are delighted with the final structure which provides a robust and resilient facility designated and constructed in 13 months».

We were thrilled to see this project shortlisted as one of ten projects for the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Awards in 2018.