Woolwich Ferry riverbed survey


As part of the Woolwich Ferry replacement project, a detailed survey of the river bed was undertaken by our client – Briggs Marine


To enable this Robert West specified the survey method – that of using the Port of London Hydrographic Department state of the art geo-physical equipment combining multi-beam sonar and a 3D chirp.  This enabled the plotting of detailed bathymetry which located the top of the chalk strata, submerged structures and debris including potential unexploded ordnance (pUXO) resting at, or just below the river bed by identifying objects which were acoustically different from the surrounding medium.


Briggs Marine’s Diving Division then investigated each anomaly identified which determined that these were not UXO’s.  The divers then proceeded to remove the various obstructions and debris from the river bed.

The results were used as evidence to secure an As Low As Reasonably Practical (ALARP) certificate prior to commencement of construction.