University Station Birmingham


Provide design management support to Volker Fizpatrick to ensure the temporary works designs achieve the aims of the project. This includes improving the following:

  • Planning and programming of temporary works design to align with the project programme
  • Certainty of design submission timing on the agreed dates
  • Communication of the plan and timing of submissions with Network Rail and West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA)
  • Alignment of the Temporary Works Register

The quality of the Temporary Works Design Briefs issued.


Robert West was able to provide a part time Temporary Works Design Manager (TWDM) for the project based in the site office who:

  • Engaged with the VFL site team to establish temporary works requirements
  • Identify site investigations required to carry out the temporary works design at an early stage
  • Write the design brief for each TWD package
  • Engaged with the TW designer (Robert West or others) to obtain quotes and programme commitments
  • Liaised with the designer during design delivery to ensure submissions remained on programme with WMCA.
  • Liaised with all stakeholders, including the TWC, CEM, CRE, DPE and site managers

Robert West also undertook several Temporary Works Design packages throughout the project including:

  • Hoarding Design
  • Crane Working Platform Design
  • Slope Stability Checks
  • Sheet Pile Design
  • Shoring for excavations
  • Retaining Wall Assessments
  • Foundation Design
  • Crash Deck Design
  • Back propping Design
  • Assessment of permanent structure in temporary conditions
  • Formwork / Falsework Design
  • Load Assessments
  • CAT 3 checks


Robert West’s TWDM was able to seamlessly integrate into the VFL site team and provide valuable design management and technical services that ensured high quality engineered solutions were checked, prepared and correctly implemented on site.

In addition, they were also able to identify and control the risks, and eliminated any failures associated with Temporary Works on site.

The effective management of the vast amount of temporary works carried out on the project was instrumental in the safe completion of the new station whilst maintaining the existing station that remained open and operational throughout with minimal disruption to commuters.