Prince of Wales Bridge


Access to maintain major structures is difficult! Robert West, along with our design partners David Price Consulting and Pennine Controls, have been appointed by Amey on behalf of National Highways to design the removal of the existing maintenance underdeck gantry, which is at the end of its life span, and design a new modern gantry at the Prince of Wales Bridge.

This commission has unique challenges of removing the 35m steel structure from the suspended span of the Prince of Wales Bridge, in the marine environment. There is also the challenge of installing a carbon efficient, maintainable new gantry to access and maintain the Bridge.

We have completed the optioneering phase for both the removal of the existing gantry and new gantry. The detailed design of a temporary support structure to remove the gantry is well underway, and detailed design of the new permanent structure progressing as planned.


Robert West added value to the removal of the gantry, by utilising our inhouse marine and long-span bridge underdeck gantry specialists to propose innovative solutions, which de-risk the removal process. Bringing these skills to the table and in collaboration with our supply chain (David Price Consulting and Pennine Controls), Amey and National Highways the safest and most economically advantageous solution has been developed.

We have developed solutions for the new gantry, which will make it the first of its kind on a long-span bridge. New technology to power it, removes the need for heavy and polluting diesel generators. It will provide access to all areas of the main span underdeck. The design uses smart technologies which will simplify and improve access for the bridge inspection and maintenance teams.