NOL 360 Exchange Footbridge Strengthening Works

The Brief

Robert West were commissioned to develop a design for strengthening the footbridge dating from circa 1886 whilst minimising disruption to public access.

Value-Added Solution

The following strengthening and refurbishment works were designed:

  • provision of new outriggers restraining the top flange of each girders
  • provision of new end frames, end posts and bearing assemblies to replace the existing ones in order to reinstate the original load path on to the existing cast-iron trestle
  • repair the strengthening of lattices based on either condition and/or strength
  • provision of vertical transverse bracing between steel columns
  • full grit blasting and protective paintwork treatment
  • repair and refurbishment works to trestle and landing
  • reinstatement of anti-slip surfacing, timber decking and drainage.

Final Outcomes

A Grip 3/ 4 design was prepared for AIP submission and achieved approval.


Volker Fitzpatrick

End Client

Volker Fitzpatrick
  • Committed
  • Engaging
  • Professional
  • Confident
  • Adaptable

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